You've found the Ladder Leg!The Ladder Leg attaches in seconds!The Ladder Leg has sure-footed stability!Your first step with the Ladder Leg!Moving with the Ladder Leg is easy!

You've found the Ladder Leg!

Get the Ladder Leg and you will no longer need any other ladder attachment for varying, uneven terrain or even obstacles where normal ladders would not be able to stand.

The Ladder Leg attaches in seconds!

Thanks to our unique rung holder and J-bolt securing setup, the Ladder Leg is a snap to put on any type I, and type I-A duty rated ladder. Just set the bottom rung in the rung holder and hook the adjacent rung with the J-bolt and tighten. That's it!

The Ladder Leg has sure-footed stability!

We source ladder feet from Lynn Ladder, providing the same footing as a normal ladder. With a single impression point, the Ladder Leg can keep you stable across a wide variety of terrain and obstacles no other ladder attachment could.

Your first step with the Ladder Leg!

With the Ladder Leg secured to the ladder, your first step will be on the Ladder Leg's welded, reinforced step. Made with T-61 aluminum and a stainless steel J-bolt, the solid and stable Ladder Leg keeps you safe.

Moving with the Ladder Leg is easy!

With our unique no-spin hole, you can use a dowel, rod, pipe, etc. to make your leg an anchor, while standing ladders up with the extension rope. This action keeps the ladder from rotating while manipulating it.

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